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This uses a heavier 0.8mm (20 gauge) wire so be careful of your fingers
I used this weight for 2 reasons - 1.The pattern is very simple and I wanted to show the stitches off fully
2. I used glass stones, they catch the light and compliment the copper but are heavy and a lighter weight wire would not support them. If you prefer to use plastic stone than you could use a lighter wire.
Square Applied Stone Wire Necklace Pattern
Materials: Copper wire 0.8mm (20 gauge), 4.25mm/ size G crochet hook, Leather lace (I used brown to tone with the copper), A selection of glass (or acrylic if you cannot find glass) sew-on embroidery stones (sew-on rhinestones) the holes are drilled in the stones not the metal clamp type (Ebay have a lot of sellers), A large crochet hook/ knitting needle (6.5mm/ size K) or pencil

Stitches used/ abbreviations: ch - Chain Stitch
  dc - Double Crochet (sc - Single Crochet - USA)
 tr - Treble (dc - Double - USA)
st - stitch

Leave a 30cm (12 inch) length of wire at the start of pattern
Make 12 ch, turn
Row 1. 1 dc (1 sc - USA) into the 2nd chain from the hook,
 1 dc (1 sc - USA) into each chain till end,
 2 ch, turn

Row 2. 1 tr (1 dc - USA) into each st to end, 2 ch, turn

Row 3 & 4- Repeat row 2

Leave a 30cm (12 inch) length of wire and cut
Weave the length of wire from the beginning of the pattern along the side of your pendant
*Use the large crochet hook or a pencil, wrap the yarn around a few times weaving yarn back into work to join to create a circle
Twist the remaining wire around the circle you have made to reinforce it**
Repeat from * to ** for the other length of wire you left

To attach stones:
Place a stone on pendant front (you choice which side is the front) cut a length of wire and put 1 end through 1 of the holes in the stone and the other end of wire to the outside edge of the stone (push wire through to the back of work) weave ends in at the back repeat for the other hole in stone.
Attach all stones in this way,

Make sure you have no sharp wires at back of pendant, use a file (Nail file will do) if you find any.

Michelle Ryan 2001 For personal use only
Double Crochet (UK)
Single Crochet (USA)
Chain Stitch
Treble (UK)
Double Crochet (USA)
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