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Beaded Wire Flower
Duel instructions & diagram make into a brooch, necklace
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Granny Square Wire Earrings instructions & diagram
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Beaded Daisy Pendant Duel instructions & diagram
Wire Crochet Patterns
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 Michelle Ryan
Wire Star Flower Earrings Duel instructions & diagram
Square Applied Stone Wire Necklace
Duel instructions & diagram
Beaded Wire Curlicue Earrings Duel instructions & diagram
Hints and Tips
Wire crochet
Just click here
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Crown Bracelet Booklet
Pattern with crochet symbols/ diagram
 available with UK or USA crochet terms
USA Edition
UK Edition
Wire - Gauge to mm Conversion Chart
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Daisy Earrings
Ideal for beginners
Duel instructions & diagram
Wire Heart Pattern
Duel Instructions & diagram
Wire & Bead Simple Bracelet
Super easy
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