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Shamrock Bookmark
Michelle Ryan 2005 For personal use only
Shamrock facts : a three-leaved young white clover, also known as Trifolium repens
Add some tassels to the end of the bookmark for extra decoration

You don't have to do all 6 repeats only the amount you require to get the length you want

If you fold the edges along the holes you will get a picot effect, you can also put felt or fabric behind the bookmark to bring out the pattern.

For the bookmark use a thin thread cotton no.20 or 30
For a scarf use a DK (worsted) yarn

This pattern can also be used as an insert on cushions, pillows, clothing...
If you want the written instructions/ chart (finished sizes with different yarn types, the pattern chart & aditional information not row by row info) for making this pattern using 2X2 filet it is available ad a PDF file free via
For how to read the chart and filet information please click here
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