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How to make a - Tassel Angel
Make a tassel (click link at bottom of page for how to make a tassel) using a smooth yarn in acrylic (acrylic tends to work best) or a soft natural yarn like lambswool or angora.
Carefully using a soft brush (a toothbrush works well) or wide tooth comb teese the strands apart starting at the bottom of the strands and working up.

When the tassel yarn is looking fluffy gently divide tassel into 3 parts (a large central part for the body and 2 smaller parts (each side) for the arms.
Fluff arms and then tightly twist the ends to give them a wing effect.
Ideas for using Tassel Angels :
A group of tassel angels together make a nice mobile, use as Christmas decorations hanging on a tree or a line of them on a wall (don't put near lit candles), hang in windows, add a little circle of tinsel around their heads to make a halo, use for card making.
If they go out of shape just re-fluff up with a soft brush and remake body and arms.
Children love making these as they are quick and easy and require little adult help.
Twist end of arms tightly for a wing effect
For instructions on how to make a tassel click on the tassel image
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