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 Beading Wire in Red & yellow 0.32mm (28 gauge), 3mm (size 00) hook , 12 X 4mm beads

Stitches used/ abbreviations:
 ch - Chain Stitch
ss - Slip Stitch
dc-Double Crochet (sc-Single Crochet USA)
bdc-Beaded Double Crochet (bsc-Beaded Single Crochet USA)
st - stitch

Special Instructions:
Pre-string wire with the beads
bdc (bsc - USA) Push a bead up the wire until it is next to the hook,Insert the hook through the loop of the stitch, yarn over the hook and draw the hook through the stitch you now have two loops on the hook (bead still up against the hook).
Yarn over hook and pull through both loops (the bead should be sitting nicely ontop of stitch.

Begin with the yellow wire
Row 1: Make 3 ch, 5 dc (5 sc USA) into the first chain, ss into the 2nd chain you made to form a circle
Row 2: Make 1 chain, *2 bdc (2bsc-USA) into each st** repeat * to **4 more times, 1bdc (1bsc-USA) into final stitch, push last bead up the wire until it is next to the hook, 1 ss to finish, cut wire.
Change to red wire
Row 3: ***1 ss into a bdc (bsc-USA) st from previous row to join, 9ch, 1ss into same bdc (bsc-USA) st from previous row****, repeat from ***to****on each st

Weave all ends in making sure there are no sharp wires.
You can use a file (Nail file will do) if you find any.
Use for a pendant, a brooch, make a lot in different colours and join together for a flower necklace, use as a feature on a card, mix and match with other wire flowers.

Michelle Ryan 2005 For personal use only
Chain Stitch
Wire and Bead Flower
Beaded Double Crochet (UK)
Beaded Single Crochet (USA)
Slip Stitch
Double Crochet (UK)
Single Crochet (USA)
Michelle Ryan 2005
Michelle Ryan 2005
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