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Wire and Bead Simple Bracelet
Beaded Chain Stitch
Michelle Ryan 2005
 Wire 0.8mm/ 20 gauge (I used a gold tone wire, copper, silver or other colour of choice can used)
 4mm beads (I used 28 multi coloured glass beads, you may require more or less depending on the size of the finished bracelet, tension & clasps used, select a colour of choice)
6mm/ size 10 / J crochet hook
Clasp in colour to match wire (I used a lobster clasp and ring)
Pliers to pull wire when attching clasp

Stitches used:
bch - Beaded chain stitch
st - stitch

Special Instructions;
Read hints and tips with wire page
Pre-string the beads on the wire
Leave approximately 20cm/ 8 inch length of wire at the start and end of your work (to be used to attach the clasp later)
Bch = Slide one bead up the wire until it lays against the loop on the hook, yarn over the hook and pull through loop (same as a normal chain stitch) The bead should lay in the chain, you can help it if it is in the wrong place. If the chain loop is too small use a larger hook, too us a smaller hook.

Measure your wrist loosely and subtract the clasp size.
Make bch until required length is achieved, cut wire and pull one through last ch to prevent unravelling.
Add the clasp by weaving the wire through the clasp several times to secure and weave in the end cut excess making sure there are no sharp wires. You can use a file (Nail file will do) if you find any.
Repeat other end.
Michelle Ryan 2005
Bead laying against hook
Super easy
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