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8 plastic bags cut into 2.5cm/ 1inch pieces
 8mm/ L hook

Stitches used/ abbreviations:
 ch - Chain Stitch
tr-Treble UK/ dc-Double Crochet USA
st - stitch
sts - stitches

You may find you prefer to use a smaller or larger crochet hook, use the size you feel is right for you. Depending on the brand/ type/ size of plastic bags used, you may find you need more or less bags then stated in the pattern.

Ch 24
Row 1: 1 tr (1dc USA) into the 3rd ch from the hook, 1 tr (1dc USA) into every ch to end, 2 ch, turn

Row 2: 1 tr (1dc USA) into every st to end, 2 ch, turn

Row 3: 1 1 tr (1dc USA) into the next 7 sts, 8 ch, miss 8 sts, 1 tr (1dc USA) into each of the remaining 7 sts, 2 ch, turn

Row 4 to Row 23: as Row 2

Row 24: as Row 3

Row 25 & Row 26: as Row 2
Fold bag over so handles match & sew/ weave sides together. Weave in all ends to finish.

Michelle Ryan 2006 For personal use only
Recycled Plastic Bag Crochet Patterns-
The Basic Bag Pattern
(The continuous strand method was used)
Copyright 2002-2015 | Michelle Ryan and Nezumiworld | All rights reserved | For personal use only
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