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Granny Square Wire Earring Earrings

Materials: Gold (or another colour of your choice) Beading Wire Gold 0.16mm (34 Gauge) , 1.25mm (size 8) hook
, 1 pair earring findings (in colour match wire, I used a gold)

Stitches used: Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Treble (USA Double treble)

Pattern: Follow the diagram above (written pattern via link)

Weave ends well into the back of the granny square, cut making sure there are no sharp edges.
Attach earring finding
Make 2

These earrings can also be make with thread
Try using different colours and a different thickness of wire

Michelle Ryan 2001 For personal use only
Granny Square Earrings
If you prefer to follow a written step by step pattern please click for UK or USA crochet instructions
Slip Stitch
Chain Stitch
Treble (UK)
Double Crochet (USA)
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