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Recycled Plastic Bag
Step by step - Plastic Bag Rose Embroidery
Thread a needle with a strong double thread/ yarn/ string.

Starting at the centre of your rose, bring the needle from the back to the front (no.1) make a straight stitch to (no.2)
bring needle back up from the centre to the front, make a straight stitch to (no.3) repeat coming from the centre to the front for no. 4, 5 and 6
until you have 5 spokes.
Fasten off thread/ yarn/ string
Use a length of plastic bag as weaving yarn. (ribbon, fabric or thick yarn can also be used) Bring weaving yarn from the back of the piece to the front near to the centre. Weave under and over each spike until you have covered spokes, do not pull the weaving yarn tightly. To finish bring weaving yarn under the woven rose and push needle throught work near the centre to the back. Fasten off.
Rose on basic bag no.2
This web rose can be used on crochet, knitting, fabric.. experiment with different colours and sizes. Have a single rose or a whole bunch. Use plastic bags, fabric, ribbon, yarn to weave the rose. Have fun.
Michelle Ryan 2006
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