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 Beading Wire Silver coloured 0.16mm (34 Gauge) , 1.25mm (size 8 USA) hook, 1 pair earring findings (in colour to match wire, I used a silver), 98 blue glass beeds

Stitches used/ abbreviations:
 ch - Chain Stitch
tr - Treble (dc - Double crochet USA)
st - stitch

Special Instructions
Pre-string wire with the glass beads

Leave approximately 35cm/ 14 inch length of wire at the start of pattern

Make 17 ch, push 3 bead close to your work, 1 tr (1 dc USA) into the 3rd ch from the hook, push 3 bead close to your work 1 tr (1 dc USA) into the same ch,*push 3 bead close to your work 1 tr (1 dc USA) into next ch, push 3 bead close to your work 1 tr (1 dc USA) into the same ch, push 3 bead close to your work 1 tr (1 dc USA) the same ch** repeat from * to ** until end
Cut wire same length as beginning length. Twist the two wires together and make a small loop. You can wind around a metal crochet hook for this to get an even loop. Depending on your earring finding attach before joining the loop or after.
Weave all ends in making sure there are no sharp wires.
You can use a file (Nail file will do) if you find any.

Make pattern twice.

Michelle Ryan 1997 For personal use only
Chain Stitch
Beaded Wire Curlicue Earrings
3XBeaded Treble (UK)
3XBeaded Double Crochet (USA)
Click for curlicue flowers
Click for step by step curlicue
"The Curlicue Scarf Collection" available now click image for details. Also available from
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