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How to make - A Curlicue
Chain to your choosen length plus 3 chains.
I have used 12 chains + 3 chains = 15 chains
 for this sample.
Make another treble (double crochet USA) into the same chain.
Make a treble (double crochet USA) in the 4th chain from the hook.
Make 3 trebles (3 double crochet USA) into every chain until end.
Finish off end stitch and curl the curlicue starting at an end (if it looks untidy).
One finished curlicue.

If you make little curlicues like this sample, leave the end strands uncut so they can be used to sew on the curlicue to scarfs, bags, clothing etc..
Use curlicues instead of pom poms or bobbles.
Make in a chunky or fluffy yarn for a scarf.
Make in a cotton twine or flax yarn for a belt.
Make mini curlicues in cotton and wire for earrings.
Make in a thick cotton and attach one or more to a keyring.
Can be attached to necklaces or used to make curlicue flowers.
One of my favourite items to make
"I love curlicues"
Michelle Ryan 1999 For personal use only
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Click for curlicue flowers
Click for curlicues earrings
"The Curlicue Scarf Collection" available now click image for details. Also available from
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