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How to make - A Curlicue Flower
Take one curlicue with start and end strands uncut.
Using a crochet hook push into one end corner (the end with out the loose strands) and pick up the strand of yarn at other end to join. Repeat at the other corner.
Tie ends together, leave uncut and use for sewing.
Twist join so it is hidden in the back of the curlicue flower.

This is also nice as a brooch (pin) sew a bead/s or stone/s into the centre.
I have sewn this curlicue flower with a bead in the centre.

Works well with a sewn over a sequin.

I made this flower when I had a surplus of curlicues (made for a rucksack, thought I had lost them, made another batch only to find the lost ones) and had got into making crocheted flowers instead.
To see curlicue rucksack click the mouse at bottom of page
Click for step by step curlicue
Click for curlicue earrings
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